Every day I ponder the amazing realization that we as human beings are able to change our world into the world that we so much yearn for. To say it in the words of the Pachamama Alliance: to bring forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritual fulfilling and socially just human presence on this planet.

Many of us have had some sort of experience that gave us direct interior access to the realization that separation is an illusion. That underneath that veil of identification with our personal story that’s woven by our thoughts, fears and survival strategies lies the never corruptible truth of our interconnectedness, our interdependence and ultimately our oneness.

My first experiences of that kind go back to my childhood… they happened without me seeking them and went almost unnoticed. Later in life I experienced those moments and whole periods in my life in which I could not see anything but that oneness. My experience throughout most of my life was that very few people were able to relate to me when I brought it up.

In 2003 I started the “Breathe for Peace” project which is entirely build on living and expressing Oneness and I started to see that more and more people are waking up to that reality. Today there is a movement that is according to Paul Hawken the largest movement ever to occur in human history – Blessed Unrest – that I believe is at the core inspired by the realization that “I don’t have a better life unless you have a better life too” – which is in itself a testament to oneness.

I feel myself being part of this movement and even though I miss everyday many times to act from that place my intention is to be that in all affairs of my life. One of the affairs that we all are daily affected by is the global economic system that we all live in. I believe that as long as we are not willing to take our realizations of the deeper workings of our minds and whole beings into the way we “make a living” we are still just talking about it. We don’t become the authentic, collective power that we need to be to effectively express the way we want to live on this planet.

Please watch this clip from the Global Oneness Project that deeply touched my heart:

We can do this! We are able to connect in such a way that the vast pool of the inner work that we have done over all this years can be translated into true participation in the future of this world.

Comment and let me know what you feel, think, ponder…

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