Communal Drum Circles are based on something humans have done for a very long time:

Making Music Together

In fact, we probably made music before we developed language and there is a good likelihood that our language came from music. How does that affect us in today’s world? Whenever we make music with each other we feel better, our spirits are lifted and our health improves. Many musicians have known that for a long time but now we have more and more science confirming the beneficial effects of making music together. Please check out the links at the bottom of this page if you would like to read up on the research.

One of the easiest ways to make music together is drumming. Since drumming does not require much of any skill ALL people can participate. Even those of us who have lost some of our physical or mental faculties due to aging, sickness or accidents. Drumming not only includes all of us it actually viscerally connects us to each other and that way opens up the tremendous powers of community.

The benefits people report even after only a short time of drumming are:

  • Feeling alive, invigorated and energized.
  • Let go of tensions, stress, and agitation.
  • An overall sense of wellness and contentment.
  • Feeling connected to the body and in control.
We weave into the interactive part some performance, sound healing with singing bowls, temple bells, shakers, gongs etc. to keep participants inspired and engaged.

Daniel Hirtz has done drum circles for over 35 years now in all kinds of settings and all kinds of environments starting in Europe and now in the US. He has worked with many types of communities, organizations, events, parties, intentional communities and circles of friends. Even though it’s been long time he loves it more than ever and believs that our world needs it more than ever.

Organizations in AZ he has served so far:



Please contact me to schedule a trial with your community and best include your staff so they also get a taste of the benefits of music together.

Call/text (480) 269-7861 or click here to email me.

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