I have known Daniel for more than 10 years. He is one of the most authentic people I have ever met. Everything he does comes from the heart and everything he teaches goes to the heart. If we were not 6000 miles apart I would hang out with him every day. He knows things that are hard to explain, he connects with people in ways you can’t imagine. He has a ‘knowing’ that will touch your soul. You’ll see!

Mike Lewis

Life Coach, Karate Instructor Extraordinaire

I met Daniel at a dinner, we began to talk, and I was fascinated with him on the spot. He began to talk to me about … breathing. (I thought to myself, yes, I do that. I had no idea.) He invited me to do a breathing session with him the next day. Though fascinated and wide open to anything he wanted to show me, I didn’t know what was about to happen to me, but after one session I signed on for two more. And after two more, another, and then another. Unfortunately (and I mean VERY unfortunately, for a lot of reasons), I had to leave town, or I’d still be doing sessions (though Daniel showed me how to take it on the road). In the first session, he talked to me like the wise musical shaman that he is, and once again, I was riveted, body and soul. 

Chris Coulson


After over a year of ‘breathing’ at Daniel’s weekly seminars, I have a tremendously heightened awareness of myself and others as truly unifiable aspects of one great consciousness.  As we breathe together we know ourselves as one Life.  Also, I have physically expanded my ribcage and breathing capacity after years of constriction in a back brace.  I highly recommend Holistic Tuning to deepen and expand our connections with each other and our knowing of ourselves.

Carrie Goelitz

Beyond Expectations