India meets Africa in this 6/8 composition for percussion music. Tablas come from India and are a very sophisticated percussion instrument that takes decades to master. They are used here in an nontraditional way like African bells. together with the Didgeridoo it creates a wonderful rich sound with an almost hypnotic effect before we switch to Djembes, Bells and Dun Duns. Lot’s of fun to perform!

I finally got around to editing this video and I think it came out pretty good. There were a lot of people involved in making this happen and many of them are not professional musicians or even have full training… but as so often I really enjoy the rawness of a performance like this. This piece is inspired by one of my early drum teachers Andre Varkonyi, who later became a good friend and we played many years together in the group Angklung out of Vienna, Austria hence the title “May in Vienna”


Tabla and Bells: Ved and Saaketh Narayan
Didgeridoo and Djembe: Dashmesh Khalsa
Djembe and Shaker: Seti Gershberg, Valerie Handlers, Abhijit Banerjee
Dun Dun and Bells: Carol Benwell
Shekere: Lavinia Strubble
Tabla and Djembe: Daniel Hirtz

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