Drum and Rhythm Basics Class

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Join Daniel for the Drum and Rhythm Basics Class! In just three classes learn percussion basics that will get you on the right path to drumming. This class will teach you all you need to know to be able to play along in a drum circle, have confidence in what you are doing, use the drum circle to get better and enjoy drumming a whole lot more. This is not a class that teaches any specific tradition. It is simply based on numbers and you will be able to apply what you learn here to any drum you’re playing.

Once you’ve completed this class, you’ll also know if you want to go deeper into drumming. It lays the foundation for the advanced course that teaches you more complex rhythms, better sound/technique and start to develop the ability to play solo.

In three classes, we will build a foundation based on rhythmical exercises, sounds, hand/stick techniques and lots of practice. By spreading the class over three weeks, we’ll be able to repeat and deepen what we’ve learned the week before.

WHEN: 3 evenings 6 to 7:30 (probably running a little longer)..

Please click here to go to our Drumming Sounds Meetup page – look for the upcoming: “Drum and Rhythm Basics with Daniel Hirtz – Thursday evening” page and register for this class. Thanks.

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