Drum & Rhythm Basics Class with Daniel Hirtz

daniel flyer - drum and rthythm basics 2014

Join Daniel for the Drum and Rhythm Basics Class! In just three classes learn percussion basics that will get you on the right path to drumming. This class will teach you all you need to know to be able to play along in a drum circle, have confidence in what you are doing, use the drum circle to get better and enjoy drumming a whole lot more. This is not a class that teaches any specific tradition. It is simply based on numbers and you will be able to apply what you learn here to any drum you’re playing.

Once you’ve completed this class, you’ll also know if you want to go deeper into drumming. It lays the foundation for the advanced course that teaches you more complex rhythms, better sound/technique and start to develop the ability to play solo.

In three classes, we will build a foundation based on rhythmical exercises, sounds, hand/stick techniques and lots of practice. By spreading the class over three weeks, we’ll be able to repeat and deepen what we’ve learned the week before.

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  • I really loved taking Daniel’s Drum and Rhythm Basics class. He has a lot of wisdom to share and the class is fun and entertaining. Thank you, Daniel! I will be back. :-)

  • Cia

    I really enjoyed Daniel’s three Drum & Rhythm Basics classes. I like his approach engaging heart and head as well as hand. I appreciate his knowledge and passion. Banging on a drum with a group of very nice people, I felt myself buoyant and beginning to connect to all of life energy. Thank you for this exploration of rhythm and non-computer connection!

  • Amol Tambe

    The beginners class is what it started from ….. had a great experience and will continue to gain as much knowledge as I can Sir …. Thanks a lot Sir.

  • Glenyss Lim

    I have just completed Daniel’s Basics class. I can recommend it with confidence. Daniel is supportive to everyone and is tuned in to their needs. He shares from his wealth of knowledge with passion and ensures that his classes are structured and everyone learns and has fun at the same time.

  • Steve Price

    This class changed my life. It’s about a lot more than drumming; it’s about connecting to yourself and others on a profound level. Daniel is a gift: a passionate, wise and loving teacher.

  • Jennifer

    Daniel offers a great beginners class in a comfortable setting. He goes in depth into techniques and rhythms that’s very approachable. Perfect intro to begin drumming for drum circles.

  • Kevin

    Daniel offers much more than drumming as he helps connect where the rhythm comes from to what is played. This three-part class is a great intro and works well for experienced drummers too!

  • Mark Trainor

    Thanks Daniel for putting together the “Basics” class. Your home was a comfortable setting, your instruction laid a strong foundation and by the end the group gelled and we were able to get a groove on. Thanks again! I hope to continue meeting up with you some more.
    Mark T.

  • Kind, patient, knowledgeable and inspiring!

  • wanting to try drumming for a long time, i’ve taken daniel’s basic drumming classes one and two, far exceeding my expectations. daniel’s joy is contagious, as he weaves the divine into his impressive skills and teaching. looking forward to more!!

  • Jenna Buan

    Daniel is the Bob Ross of drumming. He is enthusiastic and teaches in such a positive way. He teaches the basics and foundation. It is so fun! I will continue.

  • I got so much more than drumming from this class. Connection, Real people, and true joy. I will be back for more.

  • Susy Manning

    Loved Daniel’s class, each class really built upon the prior one. All the students are from all walks of life, and all have been very fun and friendly. I feel like I have basics now that I needed for the drum circles I attend. Try it, you’ll be glad you did!

  • Patrick Wright

    I finally took the first step and acted on my desire to learn drumming and connect with a drum circle. I am glad to have found Daniel’s basic instructional class on the Djembe drum. I felt right at home with other beginners and learned so much in a short period of time about, beat, time, and coordination. I am excited about continuing with the drum circle in the intermediate drum class and hopefully playing for audiences with the group.

  • Roseann

    Yes, Daniel teaches drum rhythms for body, mind and soul! I loved the class and am looking continuing the journey of returning to the ONE and exploring the beat.

  • Vanessa Estrada

    I’ve been brainlessly drumming for years and thinking, “One day I’m gonna buy a drum and take lessons.” I had a dream about myself with drums strapped to my waist, and bells around my wrists and ankles! Well, this year I’m finally pursing that goal. Daniel helped me fill in the missing piece: FIND THE ONE! He also helps you learn to transition from one rhythm to the other. I can now close my eyes and feel the beat, as well as play it! If you love drumming, and have procastinated on taking lessons like me, jump into this one with mind, body and soul!

  • chris

    Just completed the basics class. I am now addicted! Daniel’s passion and love for the “beat” is truly awe inspiring. A “newbie” such as myself did not feel intimidated by the class, as Daniel ensures that everyone feels comfortable and confident at whatever level they’re at.

  • Rick

    We very much enjoyed the drumming basics class. Daniel is an interesting, personable, inspiring teacher. The students in our small group had vastly different degrees of musical background, yet everyone grew through his guidance.

  • Shane

    Recently completed the basics class and am noticing how I am much more comfortable playing drums whenever I see one and how relaxed and excited I am to do so. Really enjoyed Daniels teaching, passion and care. His ability to transmit what he knows based on what I could receive was very helpful in my learning.

  • Daniel has a welcoming way of sharing his knowledge, talent and love of drumming. It is

    contagious! Now I need to practice what he’s taught me and join in a circle. Thank you
    Daniel for your classes! ;D

  • Mandy

    Daniel is a very committed to both teaching and the art of drumming. I really enjoyed the class and would like to devote more time to learning and being in a circle as my time allows. My journey has begun. Thanks Daniel.

  • Floris Freshman

    The beginner drumming class definitely catapaulted me to the next level! Having been sponsored by my Rabbi Sarah Leah, it gave her confidence in my drumming at services as well as to myself. Daniel theories on making music and ‘being one’ with other drummers in the class and analyzing the counts as well as the primordial elements within the drumbeat was refreshing and something I can grasp and take into my soul for all time.

  • Noah Tallman

    Hi Daniel! Im interested in auditioning for your Holistic Activism inspired band with Dash and you.. Please let me know if you have any openings, would like to offer my drum set skills to a good cause.. Thank you, Noah Tallman

  • Chris Dove

    “I love drumming, but I can’t seem to keep up with others.” That’s how I’ve felt for quite some time. It was different with Daniel. No one was left behind. He used multiple techniques–voice and hand clapping to help us tune in to and understand the rhythm. For me, it was going from the known to the unknown. I plan to continue.

    With gratitude,

  • Craig

    Daniel’s Drum and Rhythm Basics Class was really and truly fantastic. Daniel is incredibly knowledgeable, highly skilled, and tremendously enthusiastic. I discovered him to be a gentle, funny and inspiring teacher.
    I have loved percussion for decades. I have participated in several kinds of groups with various styles.
    Daniel was able to help me understand much more about beats and rhythm… the basics. I have found a new passion for percussion/drumming and look forward to using my new skills in various drum circles and gatherings… soon !

  • Linda Hoffman

    I took the basic drumming course & was inspired to even think of continuing further. I’ve always kind of had a feel for percussion, but never pursued it until now. It was great to connect with Daniel & the other students in a very intimate way & setting. Daniel is a great teacher which helps!

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