Conscious Breathing

Conscious Breathing is one of the most valuable skills you can ever learn!

I have worked with breath since my early teens instructed by my grandmother who was a passionate practitioner of Pranayama Yoga. I started to give breathing sessions working with “Conscious Connected Breathing” in 1984 after he completed his training as “Qualified Rebirther” with Günther and Silvana Griebl in the same year.

I became a passionate breath worker using conscious breathing almost every day for myself and teaching others ever since. Not long after the 30 day training with the Griebl’s (who were trained by him), I did an intensive “Special Leadership Training” with Leonard Orr, the developer of rebirthing to deepen my experience and knowledge around conscious breathing and spiritual purification. After that, I became very good friend with the late Jim Leonard who I consider the “scientist” of breath worker community. He helped me to better understand what actually happens during a breathing session and that better guide people through that process. Click here to read a very good interview with him from 2002.

I have never stopped the practice of conscious breathing during these last 30+ years and I have never stopped working with people.

Learning to use my breath consciously has been the biggest gift! It truly changed my life on so many levels. Everyone who took a series of sessions from me shares the same feeling with me!

Since 1985 time I have given thousands of sessions and led hundreds of weekend seminars and weekly group sessions. I kept expanding my training by working with various teachers from the world of conscious breathing and energy work. Read my full bio by clicking here.

There is a direct connection between breathing and the sensation of increased energy flow in your body and whole being. For many of us the notion of feeling the energy flow of life in our system is still a novelty but once you discover it, it opens a whole new world to us that we never want to miss again.

Why is that important? Because and increased energy flow will give you access to what’s actually happening in you and will point you to the areas in you that need attention and care.

Some of the benefits of conscious breathing are:

  • A deep sense of inner peace and quiet that with practice becomes a resting place that you can visit anytime you need it.
  • Mental clarity through an increased and cleared up energy flow. This may sound very theoretical but as soon as you practice it for just a little bit you will know what I am talking about. Our brain and mind need a freed up energy flow to come up with new ideas and solutions that are very difficult to come up with when we are in stress and carry tensions.
  • Integration of long-term tensions and deep healing from patterns that tend to run our emotions. You become emotionally less reactive and are able to consciously choose how to react to the challenges of life and the behavior of people around you.
  • Know yourself! An ever deeper knowledge of your body and your nervous system. The more you get to know yourself through the power of life energy flowing through you the more you actually know internally how well you are doing and what areas need attention.
  • Integration and healing of old emotional patterns that otherwise keep you in locked in repetitive old feelings. Insecurity, anxiety, panic, fear, anger, sadness, depression, lack of motivation, stress and so on are sensations that so many of us struggle with on a daily basis often without knowing where they even come from. These sessions have the potential to integrate these sensations and feeling on a deep, kinesthetic, energetic root level for the purpose of completion and liberation.
  • Discover a process that makes becoming more conscious and integrating old emotions enjoyable. Many of us have a fear when it comes to entering the unknown areas of our inner world. By getting close to your most vital function of your aliveness you gain access to that inner world through a pleasurable process that will serve you for the rest of your life.

One this that I noticed in giving sessions in the way I was trained is that many people were incapable to continue using this for themselves after they stopped taking sessions. I even know a lot of people that are trained in rebirthing breathwork that don’t practice it even though they know how good it is for them.

So I started to change the way I work with people and especially in the last few years it has very much evolved. Today I include much more education, elements from music and a very specific coaching around energy awareness so that the work does not only produce good results in the sessions but becomes a skill that the people that work with me have access to for the rest of their lives.

Since I came from music into conscious breathing the influence of rhythm and sound on healing modalities stayed with me and in combining elements from music and breath I developed a practice and a method that works for individuals but is especially powerful on a group level. I call it: Holistic Tuning – click here to learn more. I also created a peace project that uses the sound of our breath to create awareness around what it takes to help create a more peaceful world. Check out “Breathe for Peace” by clicking here.

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