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Think of me as your ally in guiding you toward a life of effortless flow. Happiness blooms when our lives are in sync – it’s as simple as that. Consider me your personal flow coach…

Through our journey together, you’ll uncover layers of yourself that extend far beyond what you’ve known – more energetic, more expansive, and with a greater sense of choice.

What I offer isn’t about blind belief; it’s about direct experience. You’ll validate everything through your own journey, making it an intrinsic part of your empowered self.

Under my guidance, you’ll embark on a transformative path to unravel and integrate the patterns that stand between you and the life you desire, whether they’re physical, emotional, or mental.

I work with the 3 superpowers of nature: Breath, Music and Energy
Each one of them has made a major impact on my life. Each one of them is very powerful in and of itself and when combined they create a synergistic effect that allows us to activate a fuller version of yourself.

Breathing is always with you and once you learn how to use it for your aliveness you can use it in any an all situations. It is the single most effective way to get back in touch with you when you feel that the stress and anxiety of our hectic modern life is getting to you. Once you learn what breath really is you will have a powerful friend for life.

Music is not just the art stuff we listen to… it’s how we are made. Drumming, drum circles, and communal music-making are not only fun and magic but they connect us in community and friendship.

The flow of Energy is a real thing in our system… discover how to tune up the “tingle” and open up the doors to the mystery and the sacred ground of our being.

I’ll teach you how to turn up the flow of living energy in your system, and dynamically integrate any emotional stress and tensions, persistent holding patterns, or any other blockages that stand in the way of you fully living your life.

Individual Sessions

I offer complimentary coaching session in which we actually start the process and you receive an actual preview and the beginning benefits of a session…

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