Watch it if you want to get closer to the truth!

But if you want to keep believing that we can keep doing what we’re doing, eating what we’re eating, traveling how we are traveling, consuming like we are consuming and just simply run all of that on so-called clean energy then you might not want to watch it.

I do believe that the pandemic shows us that we need to change, stay home more, consume less (especially animal products), travel less, slow down, and wake up more to who we really are. Wake up from the dream of endless growth and the dream of competing against each other for a better life. For as long as we do that only the leadership class wins and we leave behind an emotional, spiritual, and physical heritage of pain, depression, hatred, and division.

It is very serious and yet I have hope because I have opened my eyes and I have seen the oneness… our greatest challenge is the challenge of ignorance and insensitivity. We need to help each other to “wake down” into our wholeness and that includes our sacred bodies which are our connection to nature. Let’s make oneness personal… please let me know what you think.

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