It has been a while since I blogged last… sometimes I wonder why I have to pass some resistance every time I do it… Is it because I am concerned what you will think about me? Is it because I post controversial content? Is it because I do not want to make sure that you have a positive image of me and to make sure that I do not unintentionally close the door to the possibility that we might do business together?

I am just blown away how much all of us have bought into a world in which money finally is the one god we all believe in. It transcends religion, political systems, culture, environment and almost all aspects of our modern life. And yet the international monetary system is not designed for the many… it’s designed for the few. So how come that the many – who are actually the ones who are needed to keep it alive – have given and continue to give their power to the few?

It is time to wake up to the power of our relationships… to wake up to the power of our love for each other… to wake up to the unity of all life and the irresistible beauty of our existence. Are you ready to love out loud?

Here is a little clip I want to share with you:

Civil disobedience is certainly part of what I belive in and this movie is full of it… but there is more that I feel we have to do. It is to create a culture that actually lives the values that we charish… and lives them out loud!

Please don’t stay passive 🙂 Let’s love out loud!

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