I have, for the majority of my life, relying on something that I thought I understand but turns out to be something that is so big that I have to stretch my mind and my language every day in the hope to become an expression of it. I am talking about lying or sitting down, focus on my breathing, not exclude anything from my awareness in my inner world and wait until it reassembles itself in such a way that I feel back in touch with myself and know what my next step is.

The more I did that the more I realized how amazing it is that this works for me nearly 100% of the time and only falls short if I can’t find a long enough stretch of time.

For the longest time, I thought that the answers I am getting are coming from me and in some way they do but now I see how much I relied on something that just simply would happen when I breathe deeply into whatever is coming up in me. That something I also have used in countless sessions I gave to others. It seems that when we get our inner world in tune – another way to describe it is “inner coherence” – our brain produces the appropriate inner dialogue that will provide us with the answers we need.

All “breath workers” rely on the same thing. They trust that when we use our breath that the answers will come and most of the meditation traditions have breath front and center in all their practices… We all trust that breath will do its work and we know that we can rely on it completely… I mean only 100% of the time!

The implications of that are infinitely deep! I will explore them over the coming days and weeks because I believe it’s a very fertile ground for lots of conversations and practices even in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

For some time now I have noticed that when I get the question what aspect of my work makes the greatest difference is that I answer: “because I work with nature”. That is that “something” that I referred to before and today I want to call it the basic goodness of life. I work and trust that goodness and it has helped me and countless people over and over again.

I noticed that this is true for both my work with breath as well as my work with drumming and music. And when I refer to the energy of life that flows through everything I am referring to the same thing, something that has grown stronger and stronger all my life through me simply opening myself to it. Something that is already there, something we live inside of and are an inseparable part of.

It has to do with connection, with feeling connected and discovering that this connection is like a doorway to a much bigger life.

We are happy when we feel connected, the stronger the connection the stronger the feeling of oneness and in oneness, we rest.

I received a major confirmation for those feelings when I listened to yet another a podcast by Krista Tippet this time with Nikolas Christakis as part of the On Being Project. Click here to go to it.

Here is the topic and a short paragraph:
Nicholas Christakis How We’re Wired for Goodness

Sociologist Nicholas Christakis says we come to social goodness as naturally as we come to our bloodier inclinations. Research out of his Human Nature Lab at Yale shows that capacities like friendship, love, teaching, and cooperation exert a tremendous and practical force on us — and yet we don’t think of those behaviors as grit for what’s helped humans evolve as a species. Christakis’ science — and the passion with which he shares and lives what he learns — put goodness in a refreshing evolutionary perspective.

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