Today I want to point to an amazing podcast: On Being with Krista Tippet

I was introduced to On Being by my son in law Mike O’Boyle who I love and respect very much and he also introduced me to Ezra Klein, founder of Vox media (click on his name to go to his podcast). Both became very good sources for inspiration and connection to the “Zeitgeist”. I am particularly taken with this podcast:

How We Walked Into This and How We Can Walk Out – Krista Tippet in conversation with Ezra Klein

It contains so many of the crucial distinctions that we need to be aware of in these times o massive change. I congratulate both of them on the sensitivity and personal transparency that they bring to this topic. I am very impressed with where Ezra is going… I believe you will become a central figure in the coming changes.

I was looking forward to hearing how we can walk out of this and was disappointed about how little of that is really in the podcast. But I am not surprised about that since I believe that we are in the middle of an epic battle that has been coming to us for a long time. The “sorting” that Ezra is talking about is a sorting of 2 groups of people IMHO: the ones who want to move into a future that is exciting, unknown and for sure different from where we are coming from and the other group for who this system works (even as the servant to the rich and powerful). If this split is allowed to grow further it surely has the potential to destroy everything it touches because the forces of division cannot ever stop because of the accumulated violations that they perpetrated on humanity for a very long time.

I believe that we are asking the wrong people to change… people that are incapable to change on both sides of the aisle. Our leaders cannot change because of what they represent and we don’t really want to look at that because what that would mean is that all of us have to get into the game.

I believe that this is the beginning of the unification of humanity and nothing less than the truth that we are one being will solve our problem. We have to become one humanity and to those who scream “woo-woo” or “utopia” I say look at nature, look at the air we breathe, look at the water we drink… it cannot be divided. As we are making oneness personal we will build a field of oneness that will ultimately be the way t get to those who are lost in separation, domination, and hate.

I know that this is way outside of our day-to-day way of life and it’s often hard for me to keep pointing to something that seems so unreachable. Keep in mind that one week before the Berlin wall came down nobody saw it coming… change can come very quickly… let’s make sure it will go in the right direction.

Please let me know what you think… 🙂

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