Holistic Tuning – Free Introduction Workshop
at the A Mindfulness Life Center

Saturday, March 26th – 3 to 5 PM.

I have developed this over the last 30 years and put a lot of love, dedication and patience into it. The early versions came from a lot of trial and error work me teaching rhythm, bodywork and drumming at a very bold and innovative theater and acting training center in Vienna, Austria.

It is through that experimental work that I discovered the power of conscious breathing and began my life long journey into the depth of breath – it’s still going!

I have challenged myself over and over again to find something else that is equally effective at dissolving the tensions that keep us from feeling vibrant in our bodies, emotionally fluid and opening to the deeper realities of our lives. This work has come back to me again and again.

Holistic tuning is a form of active meditation that enables participants to dissolve and integrate short and long term tensions that keep them from perceiving the wholeness they are at the core of their being. Holistic tuning is a modern multi-dimensional practice that addresses the needs of people living in our fast-paced, stress filled world.

Holistic tuning is holistic by utilizing the synergistic effect of several modalities simultaneously:

  • Conscious breathing
  • Rhythmical movement – a form of basic dance
  • Visceral connection between participants through synced breath, movement and sound
  • The sound and vibration of our voices together – a rudimentary form of singing that has a proven deep effect on our self-awareness
  • Conscious connection – “the whole is more than the sum of its parts”.
  • Energy awareness – shared awareness of our individual and collective energy flow
  • Silence, stillness and meditation

In this introduction I will explore each of the above modalities in greater depth and share his experience with this work over the last 30+ years.

This is followed by a short holistic tuning session that will give participants a tangible experience of this work.

I developed Holistic Tuning inspired by my work as a musician, teacher of conscious connected breathing and energy awareness. Check out my story here: https://danielhirtz.com/about-daniel-hirtz/

Holistic Tuning - Free Introduction Workshop

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