Breathe For Peace


  1. Daniel

    Please feel free to comment right here, that makes it easy for me to have all comments on this on one page 🙂

  2. Gene Urban

    What an amazing collection of sounds, breath and underlying wonder. I especially like the energy of Celebrating Peace… definitely touched something deep inside me.

  3. Naomi

    Goes deep into somewhere, can’t quite describe. Get chills and love the musical accompaniment!! Very primal and one of a kind!

  4. Angelika Zgainer

    This is a magical collection of mystical music with so many elements and fascinating rhythm and beautiful sounds. The “Oneness” piece is my favorite, it takes you to another place and would be wonderful in any meditation session.

  5. Nancy Grace Rosen

    All I can say is I feel so close to you and to all of creation, to all that is…..
    How intimate can we be when we hear and feel the life force weaving within our very breath?
    The portal between energy and matter is palpable.
    Thank you, Daniel for such a beautiful gift to all of us!
    I feel so thankful to have breathed with you and experienced the power of breathing
    together as one being, one body, one breath.
    Your call is out!
    There’s no stopping us now…
    These six minute segments truly open the depth and space of being within a body
    In time and space beyond what’s considered intellectually time and space.
    The sounds awaken what needs to be awakened, the water sounds soothe my
    psyche and soul.

    • Michael O'Boyle

      This music is instantly both relaxing and energizing. It’s more than music, it embodies love and connection through sound. I will carry it with me to bring me back to my self and a sense of oneness for the rest of my life.

  6. Mike Lewis

    For me, these recordings capture the very essence of the earth-beat of life itself. I just let my heart and mind and body run free.

    I experienced a level of joy I have not experienced in a long time just by mirroring the breathing and letting my body move to whatever the rhythm wanted.

    I was transported to a place I had never been before, but one I knew intimately.

    The words exciting, exhilarating, euphoric don’t even come close to the joy I experienced.

    I found my whole being was vibrating at a higher level, right through to my core.

    It was absolutely magical!

    Mike Lewis.


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