Drum and Rhythm Basics Workshop

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Join Daniel for the Drum and Rhythm Basics Workshop!

In just three hours learn percussion basics that will get you on the right path to drumming. This class will teach you all you need to know to be able to play along in a drum circle, have confidence in what you are doing, use the drum circle to get better and enjoy drumming a whole lot more. This is not a class that teaches any specific tradition. It is simply based on numbers and you will be able to apply what you learn here to any drum you’re playing.

Once you’ve completed this class, you’ll also know if you want to go deeper into drumming. It lays the foundation for more advanced courses that teaches you more complex rhythms, better sound/technique and start to develop the ability to play solo.

In three hours, we will build a foundation based on rhythmical exercises, sounds, hand techniques and lots of practice. Each step will be established considering rhythm theory, history, tradition and then experienced through practical exercises and “drumming games”.

All of the exercises are designed for beginners and also are a lot of fun for those who bring a bit of experience. We never move faster in this workshop than any participants ability allows. It is the whole point of communal music making: everybody is included. This is one of the amazing aspects of the kind of music we’ll be talking about: everybody can participate in it no matter what their skill level is. Once all the players understand how this works the beginner can fully participate while more experience players express at full ability while we all keep it together. This is some of the best fun anybody can be part of!

WHEN: Saturday afternoon from 2 – 5 PM – Click here for to check for the next upcoming workshop.

Some Feedback I copied over from Meetup:

Drum and Rhythm Basics feedback July 2014


  1. Alissa

    Thank you Daniel for a great class! It does not matter if you are a new musician or experienced; much to learn from an enthusiastic and great teacher. I loved his stories and generosity of spirit. Getting to share drumming together in a group was awesome and cannot wait to do experience again. Sincere thanks..

  2. Michelle Hoffman

    I attended Daniel’s Drum and Rhythm Basics workshop! I truly enjoyed it. Daniel is a gentle soul and teaches in a fun and low stress way. Left feeling happy and calm, it is good for the soul! I will definitely be attending more!

  3. Brian

    My son and I took Daniel’s basic drumming course, and I can say that it was a LOT of fun!! I’ve always wondered if I might enjoy drum circles, so I thought I’d dip into the basics for a “trial run.” Both of us enjoyed it very much and were impressed with Daniel’s knowledge of music in general. Looking forward to more drumming with Daniel!

  4. Cheryl

    Daniel’s wisdom and joy, along with his passion for drumming and teaching during a recent Drum & Rhythm Basics Workshop has inspired me to take additional classes. Besides starting to learn drumming basics, the feeling of connection and community during this three-hour workshop were true gifts for me. Thank you Daniel for sharing your Divine gifts!

  5. Lynn Brazie

    Pssst… want to know my new happy, healing space? It is sitting upon a cushioned folding chair, legs encircling a drum, nestled in with others, taking in a momentous breath and falling into the beat among lit-up faces. Thank you, Daniel, for providing this deeply rich, safe environment to experience and learn drumming. Whether the class is in his home or in the pines of Flagstaff (thank you Barb!!!), attending one of Daniel’s drumming classes connects you to more than you can imagine!

  6. Alicia

    Daniel is knowledgeable and understands the importance of getting back to connecting with each other through music.

  7. Diane Pacheco

    I attended Daniel’s Drum and Rhythm Basics class in Parks Arizona on a beautiful summer afternoon. I really didn’t know what to expect. I love new adventures especially when I am doing something that is totally out of my norm. Daniel is a wonderful knowledgeable teacher and has such a passion for creating a sense of community through his drumming. I was hesitant at first, but by the end of the class I felt like I was so free to express myself through my drumming. Keeping the beat with Daniel and the other students was such a wonderful feeling. I felt much joy, freedom, and connection from my fellow classmates and teacher I will definitely attend more classes so that I can learn another way to communicate with others. This experience was so beneficial for my body, mind, soul and emotional well-being. Rhythm and beat our key elements to living our best life. Thank you so much Daniel for showing us another way to connect with the world around us.

  8. Laura Taylor

    Daniel’s intro to drumming workshop was amazing. I have a renewed passion for drumming which I thought I had lost. His passion is contagious. He makes you feel comfortable and provides an uplifting educational experience. I cant wait for more drum time with him !!

  9. Pam

    I was fortunate enough to attend a class Daniel offered in Flagstaff. It was beyond my expectations. I live in the Phoenix area and intend on continuing my education with Daniel. I felt amazing during the lesson and for several hours after. Anyone with any interest I highly recommend you take a workshop with Daniel.

    • Daniel

      Thank you Pam!

  10. Shaundra

    I came to this class feeling entirely rhythmless and intimidated. Daniel draws you in, gets you comfortable, and then alters your reality. After having completed the basic drumming class, I’ll say that Daniel blows my mind with his skill and insight, but more importantly, I blew my mind with the realization of what I’m capable of. He’s a true teacher. There were moments during those classes when I could feel the synapses firing in my brain. It was a most enjoyable experience. I’d do it again in a heartbeat!

    • Daniel

      Thanks, Shaundra, it was great having you in the class… come back and jam with us!

  11. Epifanio Ortiz

    Daniel’s class was inspiring, educational and fun! If you’re expecting to come and just bang on a drum forget it. Be prepared to go on adventure when you attend this class. Daniel teaches drumming basics in such a way that he intertwines his passion for music and life in the class. Not only does he share his knowledge of drumming but also of music and life as a whole and how they can and do impact your life. I came away from Daniels class not only with a basic understanding of drumming but also with an excitement and a thirst to learn more. Cheers

  12. Christmas

    Daniel’s expertise far surpasses just Drumming. Notice I capitalized the word Drumming because it is an elemental constant, a resonance which reverberates beyond Music. Enjoying the Drum and Rhythm Basics class has enriched our friendship and brought us closer into the heartbeat of Human Life. I would recommend this class to just about anyone at anytime. The benefits are numerous, with many subtle truths that become evident through the Magic of the Drum.

  13. Michael

    This is so much more than a drumming class.

    I am able to further understand the history and importance of the drum within the community.

    By practicing in Daniel’s small group, I feel more confident in myself, to keep a rhythm with intention, and in connection with those who drum with me.

    I appreciate your light, Daniel.

  14. Tamara Klein

    Teachers like Daniel, with years of practice beneath their belts, make complicated drumming rhythms seem like child’s play. But therein lies the key to his awesome classes – DRUMMING IS FUN! And when you combine learning to play drums with the expertise of a master teacher like Daniel, you’re straight on your way to MAGIC.

    Daniel not only shares rhythms and how-to’s, but expertise and knowledge developed from years of experience. From the self-conscious beginner to those already practicing, Daniel enthusiastically gathers everyone under his wing and leads the way. No experience? – No drum? – No problem! Daniel will loan you a drum, show you how to start, and how to immediately fit right in with the group.

    Besides fun and stress relief, drumming also provides cognitive and relaxation benefits that extend far beyond the weekly sessions. It’s also really nice to meet up with others practicing their skills. With no obligation and an outstanding teacher, these sessions always deliver. I HIGHLY recommend giving them a try!

  15. John Blake

    I took the course this fall (2016). This course provided much more than I expected. Daniel gives you a great perspective on what drumming can be. He grounds you in the basics but also paints the vision of what the potential is mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

  16. Lisa Browning

    I took the beginner class a couple years ago and recently took it again for a refresher.. i plan to start the pattern class . Daniel makes the classes fun and thought provoking .. I think drumming could help heal the world!.. come see for yourself!..Lisa B.

  17. Mattie

    I love Daniel’s basic drumming class. Thank you Daniel for sharing and teaching your gifts with us. I have never drummed before until I met you. I have learned so much. Thank you Daniel for a wonderful class.


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