Basic Drumming Pattern Practice

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Join us Basic Drumming Pattern Practice, a weekly ongoing class Tuesdays from 7:15 PM to ~ 8:15 PM.

While the basics of drumming can easily be understood and put into practice to develop ease and fluidity it takes repetition.

In this class, we support that process by choosing just one pattern for all of us to repeat and then give it ample time to sink in. To feel comfortable and relaxed when we play rhythms and even simple patterns we need to “soak” in them so that our nervous system has the time to fully absorb them.

When we learn 1 pattern right it will have a profound effect on our ability to learn the next one.

My classes always have the foundation an integrative/healing attitude. That means we always keep the focus on really “Being Together” and not going faster than the slowest in the class.

The most energy flows when people are really connecting – both in the beat and the music as well as an open, positive and supportive culture. That way the more developed drummer take a supportive role that allows them to deepen their feeling while playing something more simple. Of course there is also a lot of opportunity to “go for it” and test your skills!

This is an ongoing class for students with some experience and basic knowledge of drumming. If you participated in the “Drum and Rhythm Basics Class” you are ready for this…

Practice and develop your drumming and percussion skills!

This is a practice course! Each piece will be practices in length so that the rhythmical patterns can sink in deeply.

We also use systems from various traditions: West African (Djembe, Dun-Dun, Bells), Afro-Cuban (Conga, Bongos, Clave…), Indian (Voice percussion, Konnakol) and other instruments from around the world.

We will intensely study each voice in its relationship to the beat and to the other voices. We not only going to learn various pieces of percussion music but deeply establish the mind-body experience of each pattern. This allows us to use these patterns for any instrument and in any drumming experience.

Beside of working with drums we will use stomping and clapping the beat while reciting different voices. This will make sure that we “grok” each rhythm on all levels: understand it, feel it and connect it to other rhythmical patterns. The rhythms will be applied to the drums and percussion instruments until each groove is fully present and felt by everybody.

Class Time: Tuesday evenings from 7:15 – 8:15 PM

Cost: $15 for drop-ins. For committed students who will show up for all classes unless you let me know that you can’t make it: $10 (payable monthly).

Drums and percussion instruments will be supplied as much as possible. Please bring whatever you have.

Qualification: If you participated in my Drum and Rhythm Basics curse you are qualified to participate in this course. If you have any other experience and know that you have the basics down please give me a call.

Daniel Hirtz is a well-known musician/percussionist in the valley of the sun. He has studied and performed for over 30 years and is well versed in several hand drums. He studied Indian Tabla for over 30 years now, also studied and plays African Djembe, Congas, Bongos and many percussion instruments from many different cultures as well as Didgeridoo. He has performed with many bands in Europe and the US. Register on the meetup page: or click here to contact me.

I am looking forward to jammin’ with you!

Here is some of the feedback I received on Meetup:

Integrative Drumming feedback


  1. Lydia

    I’ve only been drumming with Daniel for a few months and already I feel healthier, happier and more connected to the people around me. When I get anxious or stressed out, I play some simple rhythms on my drum and I’m exploding with positive energy! I’m calmer with my kids and find myself smiling at strangers. My world is a better place with my drumming class. It’s a physical and spiritual reset that I need every week.

  2. Helen Bendall-Hughes

    In a world filled with individual thinking, winning and profit margins, finding a common pulse is challenging. But in Daniel’s classes, the magic happens! Regardless of the mood you are in when you enter his home, you leave knowing you are a valued member of a universal heart-beat that flows between music and people. Somewhere between rhythm and beat, you re-discover a deeper part of yourself and remember who you are. When Daniel connects this universal pulse to the human breath, it literally takes your breath away as you are transported inward, reunited with body and soul. It is an amazing awakening to a deeper understanding of our universal connection. Thank you!

  3. gene williams

    Thank you Daniel for sharing your knowledge and energy. I really enjoyed this class because it gave me a much deeper understanding of rhythm and our longing to connect to each other through music. I just happened to come across Daniels classes online and since have been drumming with him for about 7 months now. Every time I leave his class I feel I have learned a valuable lesson that will be with me so that I can build on it. I’m excited to see where this experience will lead. This class is where anyone could come and feel as connected as I do to not only their own rhythm but the rhythm of the entire group, and come away with a deeper understanding of the origins of music in general. I highly recommend it for anyone. Very fulfilling

  4. Michael

    This is so much more than a drumming class.

    I am able to further understand the history and importance of the drum within the community.

    By practicing in Daniel’s small group, I feel more confident in myself, to keep a rhythm with intention, and in connection with those who drum with me.

    I appreciate your light, Daniel.

  5. Buffalo

    Great beginner class what I loved going and drilling a basic beat into my head and then counting to that till I could retrain myself into playing more complex beats.

  6. Vanessa Estrada

    I’ve been brainlessly drumming for years and thinking, “One day I’m gonna buy a drum and take lessons.” I had a dream about myself with drums strapped to my waist, and bells around my wrists and ankles! Well, this year I’m finally pursing that goal. Daniel helped me fill in the missing piece: FIND THE ONE! He also helps you learn to transition from one rhythm to the other. I can now close my eyes and feel the beat, as well as play it! If you love drumming, and have procastinated on taking lessons like me, jump into this one with mind, body and soul!


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