Breathe for Peace daily at noon AZ

by | May 3, 2020 | 0 comments

Every day at noon I will guide a communal breathing session online for anybody who wants to join us. Breathing together in rhythm creates a field that is unique in its power and reach. You may do the exact same thing just by yourself and you will feel a major difference when you compare it while breathing together with others.

Being in rhythm creates connective tissue that builds up into a tangible, electromagnetic field – I call it the field of oneness. The stronger that field becomes, the easier it is for people to drop into the state of oneness which in turn will make all war, all division, and all the running to get ahead obsolete. Once I feel one with the world and with each other – which is the underlying truth no matter if we perceive it or not – all we want is a happy and healthy life for all people. Oneness transcends morals and ethics. Once I see you as part of me all I want is the same happiness and health for you and me. It is that simple.

But oneness as a philosophical truth or even a spiritual realization stays in the conceptual realm. It needs to be lived, breathed, and shared with the people in our lives.

The sessions at noon every day are a celebration of our oneness and a practice that helps us to bring oneness into our lives – every day a little more.

As of May 3rd, I am still only broadcasting on Facebook but I soon will be simulcasting on several platforms at once.


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