We hosted the “Awakening the DreamerPachamama symposium on August 9th in our home in Scottsdale, AZ.

At one point during the symposium we are asked at to explore our assumptions about the way we live our lives.

We formed small groups, took some time to explore them and wrote them down.

As an example: in one of the movies shown during the Symposium Julia Butterfly Hill points out one of our most common assumptions: that there is a place called “Away”. She asks: “When you say ‘I throw this away’… where is AWAY?”

Here are the assumptions that we explored:

  • That we all have opportunities for everybody.
  • Homelessness, poverty, hungry people are not that many “here”.
  • We assume that people will take/make a change (and it will be done for us).
  • Spiritual fulfillment will come (out of economical success??)
  • I can understand what is going on and make a judgment about it with the faculties (like my little brain).
  • I can speak about what is going on.
  • “THEY” do not understand… (as well as I do).
  • Sun will rise daily.
  • We have air to breathe.
  • Water runs… showers will work… (more than one group listed this).
  • Phone utilities work.
  • Enough food in store and everything else we need (more than one group listed this).
  • Enough gas to drive (more than one group listed this).
  • Trash will be taken “AWAY”.
  • Stores will open.
  • We will have safe homes, shelter / safety.
  • Crisis is required to create cooperation.
  • Current state of things must change.
  • Impossible / hard to be autonomous.
  • Overpopulation will continue.
  • Someone else will solve our problem.
  • We can afford utilities (and have them) – electricity is clean.
  • Children will live as long as us.
  • US is going to be OK – problems are in other places.
  • We assume what we eat is nutritious.
  • Medications are going to make us healthy.
  • That someone else (government) is working on our problems.
  • We assume that we are powerless to make a change.
  • Technologies solves ALL problems.
  • I will be OK.
  • With $ I will be OK.
  • If economy grows everything will be OK.
  • Someone else will take care of the poor.
  • We (I) will thrive if we (I) look out for our(my)self.
  • It is THEIR fault if they are poor, etc.
  • I can live SEPARATE from THEM!
  • I cannot dive into this because I must make a living (survive).
  • I cannot help others because I first have to help myself.
  • We (I) am “better” than “them” (others).

As you can see there is lots to ponder and much of what we opened of course still is open. If you participated in such a symposium and would like to know what to do after that please visit “The Awakening the Dreamer Initiative“.

One of the great productions that help us explore our assumptions is “THE STORY OF STUFF” with Annie Leonard. Please take the time to watch it at www.storyofstuff.com/. Please comment on this post, I would love to hear what you think…

Thanks for checking my blog,  Daniel

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