Work With Daniel

Conscious Breathing

Learn the power of the breath to relieve stress, anxiety and pain. Experience a deep sense of clarity, focus, health and well-being.

Conscious Breathing
Optimal Results Package


(includes 20% discount)

Five private sessions
Personalized for you
Focusing on your goals

Conscious Breathing
Group Sessions

$75 per session

Paid in Advance

Learn basic techniques
Experience benefits first-hand
Share a sense of community


Holistic Tuning

Immerse yourself in deep healing, stress relief, profound clearing and self-discovery. Through an easy, flowing combination of interactive inquiry and conscious breathing, movement, rhythm, and sound, you will experience more energy and vitality, and greater peace and joy.



Drum & Rhythm Basics – Numbers, Skins, Hands & Sounds
3 Group Sessions Only $75

Learn the basics of drumming and build a foundation based on rhythmical exercises, sounds, hand/stick techniques, and lots of practice in these group sessions.


Basic Pattern Practice Class (Tuesdays 7:15 pm – 8:15 pm)

Drop-In Rate:  $20/session
10 Group Sessions:  $150 (25% discount)

  • Practice techniques learned in Drum & Rhythm Basics
  • Learn additional percussion techniques and instruments from around the world:
    • West Africa (Djembe, Dun-Dun, Bells)
    • Afro-Cuba (Conga, Bongos, Clave…)
    • India (Voice percussion, Konnakol) and more!
  • Explore various improvisation approaches
  • Participate in performances at schools, festivals and informal gatherings


Polyrhythmic Practice Class

Drop-In Rate:  $15/session
4 Group Sessions:  $40 (33% discount)

An advanced class for students that want to build their skills, develop the ability to listen to others while holding a pattern and Start having the experience of really playing in an ensemble.

We will both train on various compositions from different traditions and musicians as well as develop music on the spot through group improvisation.

For serious students, there will be opportunities to perform what we learned in gigs that we will either produce or participate in. I have various connections that will allow us to play for schools, festivals and informal gatherings.


Tabla 2-Day Workshop

  • Beginner: 3-4 hrs/day (with breaks) – $100
  • Intermediate/Advanced: 6-7 hrs/day (with breaks) $150

No matter what your goals are, I will help you or your child to first develop clarity of sound, a solid sense of time, and a good understanding of rhythmic cycles. We also will spend time on how to practice to help you develop your skills quickly while enjoying it.

Daniel teaches the Dhwani Academy curriculum under the supervision of Abhijit Banerjee. Students register with the academy and will receive regular evaluations and certificates of accomplishments from senior faculty. Students also are encouraged to perform at Dhwani yearly events to apply what they learned in actual performance.