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DanielEarthDay2014Sessions and classes: I teach a variety of classes and give individual sessions.

I received extensive training in many areas of therapeutic and meditative modalities with an emphasis on the following areas: Conscious Breathing, Energy Work and Percussion Music. For the details of my training click here.

I always had a passion for coaching and teaching. I began my adventure of teaching with drumming classes in 1980 in Vienna, Austria. Over the course of several years and many courses in music and the “Human Potential Movement” those classes turned into a holistic experience.  I studied and experienced the power rhythm, breath and sound as well as deep healing and the profound opening to wholeness and oneness that includes all our levels of being. One of my most essential discovery became how the energy of whole group is more than the sum of the individuals which still has a radical effect on how I think about the future of our world and the pathways on how to get there.

I have given well over 1500 individual sessions and lead hundreds of personal development seminars. Learn more about me by clicking here.

As of July 2014 I offer the following classes and sessions:

Whenever I work with people I have a complete commitment to have them get everything they seek to get and that also means to me that I live what I am teaching. We live in weird times: most of the advertising and marketing that we find out there we actually cannot believe in “as is”. It’s always a bit hyped up. I try not to do that and I hope that you can feel my authenticity through the words on this page. I love to work with people and I always give my best. I practice what I preach (… yeah, I do that at times) and I continue my education.

The background of my work though doesn’t come from anything I do or even what we do together. It comes from what so many of us have unfortunately lost so much of: a trust in life, the presence of unconditional love and a deep knowing that all of us at the core wish the best for each other, for the world and all the sentient beings that we share the adventure to be alive with.

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