Conscious Breathing

Conscious breathing is a powerful therapeutic approach for dealing with the stressors of daily life as well as self-exploration and healing. Conscious breathing integrates psychology, the science of neurobiology, mind-body awareness, and modern consciousness research — enabling us to quickly resolve imbalances within us that cause mental, emotional and physical disease.

It is a great helper in becoming fully aware. To breathe consciously is an adventure into the hidden self and the mysterious depth of our whole being. In private sessions or group classes, we explore how breath opens, heals, relaxes, and energizes us in countless ways.

My clients are always amazed by how fast and effective these simple breathing techniques are.

“Oh my goodness — I can see and feel why breathing is so necessary. Thank you thank you thank you for this…” Teri

“After over a year of ‘breathing’ at Daniel’s weekly seminars, I have a tremendously heightened awareness of myself and others as truly unifiable aspects of one great consciousness.  As we breathe together we know ourselves as one Life. Also, I have physically expanded my rib cage and breathing capacity after years of constriction in a back brace. I highly recommend Holistic Tuning to deepen and expand our connections with each other and our knowing of ourselves.” Carrie


Holistic Tuning

Through an easy, flowing combination of interactive inquiry and conscious breathing, movement, rhythm, and sound, we open our being to the flow of vital energy and enhance our well-being beyond the norm of daily life. We “tune” our entire being – mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual – enabling us to experience profound self-discovery, stress relief, and deep healing.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Releasing of long-lasting, chronic tensions built up through our stress-filled day-to-day lives. Learn how to dissolve the tension and experience renewed energy for your life.
  • Reconnecting to your body, bliss and energetic self.
  • Long-lasting and deep relaxation, recuperation, rejuvenation, and invigoration.
  • Relaxation of your ever-present and automatic inner dialogue – helping to create a new clarity and greater focus.
  • Self-discovery, wholeness, fulfillment, and inner peace in the here-and-now.
  • Gentle opening of our hearts to receive the magic of life.

“Holistic Tuning, brilliantly facilitated by Daniel Hirtz, has become an integral part of my life. Each session allows me to slip into more of a “groundedness” in my life. As I am moving and concentrating on my breathing speed & volume, I have no choice but to make conscious contacts with all parts of my body, usually integrating any uncomfortableness that may appear, just by continuing to breathe into it. I recommend regular Holistic Tuning sessions for anyone who can breathe.” Danny

“The holistic tuning is extremely grounding, and I always experience bliss. I feel very present most of the time, and feel especially alive and energized. Daniel leads the group in a loving, gentle way, by guiding and experiential manner, that leads to a sense of oneness and love. I feel very safe and relaxed, and by encouraging everyone to keep their eyes open I can then release the initial desire to go inward completely and separately, but yet stay inward along with feeling connected to others at the same time. Daniel provides an atmosphere of acceptance, so that any mood or feeling that comes up is to be not only expressed, and felt, but exalted, not shamed.” Naomi

“Holistic Tuning is a life changing experience, but it is slow and steady – one breath at a time just like life. Each time I engage in this activity at one of Daniel’s workshops I experience something new within me and within the group. It’s an opportunity and a reminder to slow down and listen to life, to listen to the rhythm of my own breath and the rhythm each participants’ breath. It is a time also to go within and allow my inner life to surface in a safe environment. I grew up in a violent home and have experienced flashbacks to these horrible childhood experiences during the breathing workshops. But with Daniel’s gentle support and guidance I was able to share this in a way that healed me and connected me more deeply to the group.  My life would not be the same without these workshops. Daniel is a gifted guide in holistic tuning.” Chris

Drumming & Percussion

Introduction to Drumming – Drum and Rhythm Basics Course.
Numbers, Skins, Hands & Sounds

In just three classes, we will build a foundation based on rhythmical exercises, sounds, hand/stick techniques, and a beginning bit of practice. You will learn the percussion basics, which can be applied to any type of drum, so you will be able to play along in a drum circle or jam out with your friends. Learn more about this class by clicking here.

Basic Pattern Practice Class

Prerequisites:  Basic knowledge of and experience with drumming as presented in my Introduction to Drumming course.

In this course, we will practice and refine what you learned in Introduction to Drumming to further develop your percussion and drumming skills. Drumming takes practice. The good news is that even with this one hour a week you will quickly improve your skills and enjoy drumming more and more. 

We will use systems from various traditions: West African (Djembe, Dun-Dun, Bells), Afro-Cuban (Conga, Bongos, Clave…), Indian (Voice percussion, Konnakol) and other instruments from around the world.

We will intensely study each voice in its relationship to the beat and to the other voices. We’re not only going to learn various pieces of percussion music but deeply establish the mind-body experience of each pattern. This allows us to use these patterns for any instrument and in any drumming experience.

Besides working with drums, we will use stomping and clapping the beat while reciting different voices. This will make sure that we “grok” each rhythm on all levels: understand it, feel it and connect it to other rhythmical patterns. Then, rhythms will be applied to the drums and percussion instruments until each groove is fully present and felt by everybody.

“I really enjoyed the meetup and drumming with all of you! I hope to explore this further when my schedule allows. Daniel does a great job and his enthusiasm was contagious.”  Sandra Merhar

“This is an awesome class, and I recommend it highly to anyone interested in exploring drumming. Daniel indeed has boundless enthusiasm and passion for drumming, and warmly welcomes new students to share in this joy. He paces the lessons beautifully for a newbie… starting off simply and building up bits of complexity as soon as the group is ready to level up 🙂 He also understands the mysterious power of music, and shares insights along the way. By the end of the evening, our group was making music together ~ simple yes, but intoxicating. To have come so far so fast, and to discover another path to creating joy in my life… just so exciting. I’m hoping to start Daniel’s next beginner-level class, and to bring my sons. I know it will be amazing.” Bonnie C.

“Superb. I look forward to next week.” Anthony Floyd

“Much fun! I enjoyed meeting everyone! Richard

“I really enjoyed, and I will go back. Fabulous! Katia Rossomme

“Great energy, attitude, and atmosphere – enthusiasm unbounded.” Joan Baron

Polyrhythmic Practice Class

This class is for those who have established a foundation in drumming that allows them to hold a pattern while others play a different pattern. This is where the advanced type of drumming starts and this is a class for students that want to build their skills, develop the ability to listen to others while holding a pattern and Start having the experience of really playing in an ensemble.

We will both train on various compositions from different traditions and musicians as well as develop music on the spot through group improvisation.

  • Compositions and traditional rhythms: play and keep a set rhythm/voice while others play interlocking rhythms/voices. Learn not just how to keep your voice but to be able to listen to the other voices while playing yours. This way improving the sound/production of your voice for an overall better sound, energy and emotion.
  • Improvisation of interlocking voices: come up with patterns on the spot has very distinct challenges: how to not play too much, how to not just replicate somebody else’s voice, how to create a counterpoint to somebody else’s voice, dynamics of volume and tones.
  • Playing solo: For those who are interested and ready, there will be plenty of time to explore solo improvisation and learn various ways of approaching it.

We will look at those areas of development and consciously carve a step-for-step skill set that makes you a better drummer and somebody who knows well how to connect with other players even when you never played before.

For serious students, there will be opportunities to perform what we learned in gigs that we will either produce or participate in. I have various connections that will allow us to play for schools, festivals and informal gatherings.