Sacred Economics – We are in the business of creating a miracle…

…in fact anything less is not even worth going for” – Charles Eisenstein

This deeply resonates with me and I am in 100% support of this. What do you say?

This short film by Ian MacKenzie highlights just a few ideas Charles Eisenstein has to share. If you’re interested in learning more and getting to more of the solutions, you might wanna take a look-see at his book, “Sacred Economics.” True to his belief system, he even gives it away for free online.

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Meeting of the Masters

Please join me for a free concert next Sunday at the Ekta Mandir temple in Phoenix. This will be quite an experience with a mix of students and masters of Indian music. I will be performing a piece with combining didgeridoo and tabla. See you there!


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Save the internet

I am not sure about how many people actually realize how much we depend on a free and open internet. It seems all our commons are under attack and I am for extending them rather than making them smaller. The internet is our modern noosphere and we have responded to the new threat of FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler and his plan to kill Net Neutrality with lots of energy. Let’s keep going! And YES, signing an online petition makes a difference!

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Never Not Here – Richard Miller

I only got a quick moment to post this. Richard Miller of Never Not Here just did an interview with me on his open mike project. I thought we had an amazing time together. You can find the video recording on his site. He called it: Daniel Hirtz is Electric.

I’m also embedding the video here but I highly encourage you to go to his website. There is so much there around non-dual awareness and non-dual action. Go check it out…

This is a longer conversation and we already agreed to do some follow up on this. To my good friends: would you please watch it and then let me know what came up for you? What’s really important to me these days is the connection between our spiritual awakening and they way we do business… 🙂 This video talks a bit about that…

Thanks 🙂

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Music that changes the world…

It has been a while since I blogged last… sometimes I wonder why I have to pass some resistance every time I do it… Is it because I am concerned what you will think about me? Is it because I post controversial content? Is it because I do not want to make sure that you have a positive image of me and to make sure that I do not unintentionally close the door to the possibility that we might do business together?

I am just blown away how much all of us have bought into a world in which money finally is the one god we all believe in. It transcends religion, political systems, culture, environment and almost all aspects of our modern life. And yet the international monetary system is not designed for the many… it’s designed for the few. So how come that the many – who are actually the ones who are needed to keep it alive – have given and continue to give their power to the few?

It is time to wake up to the power of our relationships… to wake up to the power of our love for each other… to wake up to the unity of all life and the irresistible beauty of our existence. Are you ready to love out loud?

Here is a little clip I want to share with you:

Civil disobedience is certainly part of what I belive in and this movie is full of it… but there is more that I feel we have to do. It is to create a culture that actually lives the values that we charish… and lives them out loud!

Please don’t stay passive 🙂 Let’s love out loud!

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What is your response?

This movie is very well done and really expresses in many ways how I look at my life and the challenges of our time. Oneness is not just a spiritual realization it is the magnetizing force our relationships. Living oneness is just so much more fun than anything else…

I’d love to hear from you… 🙂

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What would it look like? A world of oneness?

Every day I ponder the amazing realization that we as human beings are able to change our world into the world that we so much yearn for. To say it in the words of the Pachamama Alliance: to bring forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritual fulfilling and socially just human presence on this planet.

Many of us have had some sort of experience that gave us direct interior access to the realization that separation is an illusion. That underneath that veil of identification with our personal story that’s woven by our thoughts, fears and survival strategies lies the never corruptible truth of our interconnectedness, our interdependence and ultimately our oneness.

My first experiences of that kind go back to my childhood… they happened without me seeking them and went almost unnoticed. Later in life I experienced those moments and whole periods in my life in which I could not see anything but that oneness. My experience throughout most of my life was that very few people were able to relate to me when I brought it up.

In 2003 I started the “Breathe for Peace” project which is entirely build on living and expressing Oneness and I started to see that more and more people are waking up to that reality. Today there is a movement that is according to Paul Hawken the largest movement ever to occur in human history – Blessed Unrest – that I believe is at the core inspired by the realization that “I don’t have a better life unless you have a better life too” – which is in itself a testament to oneness.

I feel myself being part of this movement and even though I miss everyday many times to act from that place my intention is to be that in all affairs of my life. One of the affairs that we all are daily affected by is the global economic system that we all live in. I believe that as long as we are not willing to take our realizations of the deeper workings of our minds and whole beings into the way we “make a living” we are still just talking about it. We don’t become the authentic, collective power that we need to be to effectively express the way we want to live on this planet.

Please watch this clip from the Global Oneness Project that deeply touched my heart:

We can do this! We are able to connect in such a way that the vast pool of the inner work that we have done over all this years can be translated into true participation in the future of this world.

Comment and let me know what you feel, think, ponder…

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Eco-friendly Search Engine: Ecosia

Hello my friends,

I recently started using an internet search engine that saves 2m² (2.4yd²) of rainforest with each web search I do. Their search results are as good as Google or Yahoo, and it’s free.

Watch this movie to see how it works:

The address is:

So far Ecosia has saved 12,317,887 m² (14,732,193 yd²) of rainforest! Check it out and forward this email to your friends. It’s never been so easy to be green…


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Assumptions we live with…

We hosted the “Awakening the DreamerPachamama symposium on August 9th in our home in Scottsdale, AZ.

At one point during the symposium we are asked at to explore our assumptions about the way we live our lives.

We formed small groups, took some time to explore them and wrote them down.

As an example: in one of the movies shown during the Symposium Julia Butterfly Hill points out one of our most common assumptions: that there is a place called “Away”. She asks: “When you say ‘I throw this away’… where is AWAY?”

Here are the assumptions that we explored:

  • That we all have opportunities for everybody.
  • Homelessness, poverty, hungry people are not that many “here”.
  • We assume that people will take/make a change (and it will be done for us).
  • Spiritual fulfillment will come (out of economical success??)
  • I can understand what is going on and make a judgment about it with the faculties (like my little brain).
  • I can speak about what is going on.
  • “THEY” do not understand… (as well as I do).
  • Sun will rise daily.
  • We have air to breathe.
  • Water runs… showers will work… (more than one group listed this).
  • Phone utilities work.
  • Enough food in store and everything else we need (more than one group listed this).
  • Enough gas to drive (more than one group listed this).
  • Trash will be taken “AWAY”.
  • Stores will open.
  • We will have safe homes, shelter / safety.
  • Crisis is required to create cooperation.
  • Current state of things must change.
  • Impossible / hard to be autonomous.
  • Overpopulation will continue.
  • Someone else will solve our problem.
  • We can afford utilities (and have them) – electricity is clean.
  • Children will live as long as us.
  • US is going to be OK – problems are in other places.
  • We assume what we eat is nutritious.
  • Medications are going to make us healthy.
  • That someone else (government) is working on our problems.
  • We assume that we are powerless to make a change.
  • Technologies solves ALL problems.
  • I will be OK.
  • With $ I will be OK.
  • If economy grows everything will be OK.
  • Someone else will take care of the poor.
  • We (I) will thrive if we (I) look out for our(my)self.
  • It is THEIR fault if they are poor, etc.
  • I can live SEPARATE from THEM!
  • I cannot dive into this because I must make a living (survive).
  • I cannot help others because I first have to help myself.
  • We (I) am “better” than “them” (others).

As you can see there is lots to ponder and much of what we opened of course still is open. If you participated in such a symposium and would like to know what to do after that please visit “The Awakening the Dreamer Initiative“.

One of the great productions that help us explore our assumptions is “THE STORY OF STUFF” with Annie Leonard. Please take the time to watch it at Please comment on this post, I would love to hear what you think…

Thanks for checking my blog,  Daniel

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Today on green!

This 3 hour experience will transform your relationship to the crisis and opportunity of this time in history. It is an interactive multimedia presentation with the purpose to strengthen the movement of awake, committed, engaged people. Watch a 4 minute trailer:

We want to thank all the wonderful people who took the time on a Sunday afternoon to explore “The Possibilities of the Future”. Our mission is bringing forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just human presence on Planet Earth. While this symposium makes it very clear how urgent it is that we take action in all 3 areas it also shows how many people and groups are already moving in that direction.

I am shocked about the superficiality of our discussions about health care, environment and social justice. It is as if individuals have decided that they can judge our situation on thei planet through the lens of a outdated ideology or religion and actually think that they ion their own mind have the “right” answer. The silly thing is that we are all looking for the same things… right? Money, power, control, wealth etc. all serve the same purpose: to live a better life and have a greater sense of aliveness. When are we getting that all of that already is available to us? Right here, right now. And out of that we easily will manifest that truth on this planet.

Check this video that Green For All recently released!

I thought you might want to see this. There is so much happening!

More later,

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