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Sacred Economics – We are in the business of creating a miracle…

…in fact anything less is not even worth going for” – Charles Eisenstein This deeply resonates with me and I am in 100% support of this. What do you say? This short film by Ian MacKenzie highlights just a few ideas Charles Eisenstein has to … Continue reading

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Meeting of the Masters

Please join me for a free concert next Sunday at the Ekta Mandir temple in Phoenix. This will be quite an experience with a mix of students and masters of Indian music. I will be performing a piece with combining … Continue reading

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Save the internet

I am not sure about how many people actually realize how much we depend on a free and open internet. It seems all our commons are under attack and I am for extending them rather than making them smaller. The … Continue reading

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Never Not Here – Richard Miller

I only got a quick moment to post this. Richard Miller of Never Not Here just did an interview with me on his open mike project. I thought we had an amazing time together. You can find the video recording … Continue reading

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Music that changes the world…

It has been a while since I blogged last… sometimes I wonder why I have to pass some resistance every time I do it… Is it because I am concerned what you will think about me? Is it because I post controversial content? … Continue reading

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What is your response?

This movie is very well done and really expresses in many ways how I look at my life and the challenges of our time. Oneness is not just a spiritual realization it is the magnetizing force our relationships. Living oneness … Continue reading

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What would it look like? A world of oneness?

Every day I ponder the amazing realization that we as human beings are able to change our world into the world that we so much yearn for. To say it in the words of the Pachamama Alliance: to bring forth … Continue reading

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Eco-friendly Search Engine: Ecosia

Hello my friends, I recently started using an internet search engine that saves 2m² (2.4yd²) of rainforest with each web search I do. Their search results are as good as Google or Yahoo, and it’s free. Watch this movie to … Continue reading

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Assumptions we live with…

We hosted the “Awakening the Dreamer” Pachamama symposium on August 9th in our home in Scottsdale, AZ. At one point during the symposium we are asked at to explore our assumptions about the way we live our lives. We formed small … Continue reading

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Today on green!

Last Sunday we hosted the: “AWAKENING THE DREAMER CHANGING THE DREAM SYMPOSIUM” This 3 hour experience will transform your relationship to the crisis and opportunity of this time in history. It is an interactive multimedia presentation with the purpose … Continue reading

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