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About Daniel Hirtz / Hello and welcome to my personal blog and webpage

and thank you for spending some time here…

My path has lead me on a wonderful journey that crossed several continents.  I am originally from Germany where I lived the first 21 years of my life.  After that, I moved to Vienna,  Austria where I lived for almost 15 years and met Ingrid, the love of my life. You can find out more about this amazing woman at www.YourCommunityCook.com.

Since 1992 in the Phoenix Valley, Arizona with our 2 children Laila and Pablo (they are adults now).

I developed “Holistic Tuning” and I’m the founder of the “Breathe for Peace” project.

I love to make music and I am a passionate drummer. I studied and played north Indian tabla over the last 30 + years. I also love the djembe, congas, all percussion and recently I got deeply into playing the didgeridoo.

I teach tabla and percussion classes for many years now and to my amazement, I have quite a lot of Indian students. It is a privilege to continue a tradition that I wasn’t born into and yet I feel very connected to. A testament of this new world I guess…

I have been working with conscious breathing for a long, long time. My first teacher was my grandmother who taught me basic Yoga Pranayama techniques to help me calm down and fall asleep. I remember to be impressed with how well it was working for me when I was in my early teens.

To me, conscious breathing was and is the direct path to wholeness and the conscious, deliberate experience of oneness.

Between 1980 and 1985 I did as much training as I could and became a Qualified Rebirther with Günter and Silvava Griebl, received “Special Leadership Training” Leonard Orr and became a Vivation professional with the late Jim Leonard. My participation and studies in Sufi breath and communal gathering (sikr) gave me a background in working with groups.

I ventured into various fields of the human potential movement and received years of training in such varied fields as group dynamics, art therapy, socio-cultural animation, and energy healing.

I am a graduate of the “Curriculum of Living”with the Landmark Education Corporation (former EST) and Income Builders International (IBI Global, now CEO space).

In November of 2011, I completed the certification course in Spiral Dynamic Integral 1 + 2 with Dr. Don Beck at the Adizes Institute in Santa Barbara.

I’ve given well over 1500 personal sessions and had a long career as a seminar leader working with hundreds of groups over the last 30 years both in the USA and Europe.

My biggest passion is what I call Living Oneness.

I hope to meet you in person sometime… I really mean that!  I love people… with all the mess that comes with that. Building a global community of love, happiness and dignity is what I feel called to do. My main teachers were the people in my life: my wife Ingrid and my children Laila – and my new grandson Tobi from her – and Pablo. I feel deeply connected with the teachers in my life: the late

I feel deeply connected with the teachers in my life: the late Count Arnold KeyserlingLeonard OrrJim Leonard,  Günter and Silvava Griebl,  Rommy Tajon as well as Osho, Adyashanti. Many others have made a profound impact on my life often times without even knowing it.

And again I want to thank Dr. Don Beck and also Ken Wilber for their teachings on Spiral Dynamics and Integral Philosophy. The understanding of the stage development of humanity and the distinction between that and states of consciousness I extremely helpful to me.

Here are some of my guiding principles: Overall: Living oneness. That to me translates to: making oneness personal with the people in my life. Specifically:

  • Festivals of joy,  celebrations of each other (we do a lot of party’s) ,  community drum circles,  playing music that uplifts and inspires.
  • Holistic Activism – not finding one-dimensional contexts that exclude contrasting assessments for the sake of limited participation.
  • Building Integral Economic Engines – using the opportunities of our current economic system for massive liberation. Even though most of our marketplace is driven by a greed driven form of capitalism that favors the already rich a powerful we can choose to use it in a differently. There are no external laws that force us to join into the “greed is good” mentality and even though it might not be easy we are able to use the marketplace to do good. By setting dynamic examples of compassionate economic behavior we are able to create a momentum that eventually will take over – especially because most people are in favor of that. In that spirit, I am deeply involved and helped to develop Community Cuisine – a co-creation with my wife Ingrid. The Arizona Cooperative Initiative.

I am currently working on my book that I hope to publish in 2017.

Daniel Hirtz – Scottsdale, Arizona November 2016

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